• Ritchey spd clipless pedals

    Ritchey spd clipless pedals

    I found my old Ritchey spd clipless pedals in the garage, the only problem was that one of the bearings had exploded. After a bit of measuring and internet investigating I found some sealed bearings that would fit (686-z 6mm – 13mm – 5mm) and gave the pedals a bit of a service then put them on my bike. Hopefully I can remember how to use them without falling off my bike like an idiot every time I stop.

    Ritchey spd clipless pedals
    Ritchey spd pedal bearings-686z 6mm - 13mm - 5mm

  • My Retro Mountain Bike

    I had an old Ballistic X-Ocet mountain bike frame lying around that I used to ride when I was younger (a lot younger …back in about 1996). I decided to build it up with all old parts I could find or get cheap, even free with the the help of my brother who is in to mountain biking and donated some parts.

    I’ve been out on it a few times along the handily placed new cycle track behind the house trying to get fitter but at the moment am still at the stage of feeling sick after about 30 minutes of riding.

    When I was younger I used to be able to ride up and down mountains all day long. It’s going to take a while till I can do that again.

    Ballistic X-Ocet Retro Mountain Bike