• Kung Fury – Full version

    A year or 2 back there was a trailer for a crazy 80’s influenced kung fu movie circulating social media. They were trying to get crowd funding to get the full movie released. They got some money and the full version was released on youtube the other day. It’s only 30 minutes long but it’s well worth a watch.

  • Reoccurring themes in movie posters by Christophe Courtois

    Reoccurring themes in movie posters by Christophe Courtois

    Christophe Courtois has put together a series of images with some of the most overused movie poster imagery.

    Big Eye



    Reflections in Glasses



    Text hiding eyes



    People in bed



    Big red lips






    Public benches



    Text over faces





  • A few of my favourite horror movies

    A few of my favourite horror movies

    It’s Halloween and I love movies, so what better time than for a list of some of my favourite horror movies and why I like them.


    The Evil Dead Trilogy
    I think the Evil dead needs to be watched as a trilogy to enjoy it to its fullest. It’s a movie that doesn’t take itself to seriously, has lots of over the top gore and even contains a scene with a tree raping someone. There is also a nice homage to the Jason and the Argonauts skeletons scene in The Army Of Darkness.


    Let The Right One In
    This is a beautifully shot vampire movie. It is subtle and atmospheric at the same time with a bit of bloodshed and violence thrown in for good measure. Kids are inherently scary in horror movies (The Omen, The Exorcist, The Children) and rightly so, who expects an innocent kid to kill someone.


    The Shining
    Stanley Kubrick’s Masterpiece Psychological horror movie is probably the best horror film ever made. Everything about it is just perfect from the breathtaking cinematography, set design, colour pallete and of course Kubrick’s OCD levels of perfection and Jack Nicholson doing crazy so well … Here’s Johny



    Pans Labyrinth
    I don’t usually like fantasy movies, but when they are done this well I couldn’t help but love it. Setting the dark realities of a civil war against a beautifully created fantasy world works real well and leaves you wondering the difference between make believe monsters and mankind at it’s darkest.


    I remember first watching this years ago when it was on late at night on Film4. I didn’t know much about it, but had heard it was kind of a crazy film. I wont spoil anything by explaining the plot as it’s best to go into it blind not knowing what happens. I’ll just say it starts of slow and gentle then goes bat shit crazy out of nowhere. I don’t think any other movie has had as much of an effect on me than this, I couldn’t sleep for nights after watching it.


    This is probably my favourite horror movie of all time, it is insane, relentless and hard to watch at points and leaves you feeling psychologically drained at the end. When it gets about half way through you think you have it figured, then it takes a tangent you were never expecting and totally changes your idea of what you are watching.



    The Blair Witch Project
    A master-class in budget film making showing that if you have the drive and creativity you can make a hit movie with very little money or experience. The ‘hidden tape’ formula works so well and is often copied today, it really draws you in to the movie. The fact that you can’t see anything throughout the film leaves your imagination do the work and that is a powerful thing. The last scene still haunts me to this day. Is it a Witch? Is it some crazy serial killer in the woods?

  • Rubber

    I remember seeing a trailer for Rubber a year or two ago and thinking it was some kind of joke. A serial killing tyre that makes peoples heads explode through the power of its mind, really, REALLY. But I’ve finally got around to watching it and it was kind of a fun film, not the best written or acted but the premise, look and feel make up for that.

    It’s a weird film, not quite up there with David Lynch but strange and kind of transfixing. At the start there is an explanation as to why the movie has been made …”No Reason!”. I think this is a trick though and I’m sure there are a load of analogies to Hollywood throughout the film, I could be looking into it to much though.

  • The World’s End

    When Pegg, Frost and Wright collaborate the results always turn out good.

  • Easter movie recomendation

    Easter movie recomendation